Your Single Biggest Destructor

Today I am talking about your internal chatter or your internal voice.

It can be either our biggest destructor or the most positive influence in our lives.

Over the years as humans we have conditioned ourselves to listen to the most destructive internal voice, Why is it always happening to me?  I have no luck? Typical, I lose again?

All is not lost. We can change this with a few simple steps. View the video above for details.

A more positive influencing internal chatter would sound more like, “I wonder what I need to do to make this work?”,  “How did someone else who had this problem in the past create a solution for this?” It is curious and kind and looks for solutions.

Only you can decide which internal CD to listen to.

Remember whatever you are saying to yourself in your head will have a huge influence on your actions and the life you are creating for yourself.   During the next week do a little check in on yourself to make sure you are being kind in your internal chatter and let’s see if it steers you in the right direction. The video above will explain more.


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