Your Secret To Impacting The World

On today’s Recombobulate Me TV I am talking about what we decide to believe in every moment, which has a massive impact on the world forever.  Profound and also true.

What you are observing, seeing, hearing and feeling in every moment of your life has a true impact on your future. Each moment you take in information on a subconscious level.  With this information you make moment to moment decisions. They will impact you in what you do in the next moments, which will have a direct impact on your behaviour and thus your results. I know that is a long chain of events but very important to understand.

As each decision has an impact on your behaviours and so your results, they will also have an impact on the people around you. Just like a ripple effect created from dropping a pebble into water. On the video I share the impact every one of your decisions has on the world and how it can’t be changed once it is done. View the video above.


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