You Can’t Progress Without This

Today I am talking about community and more specifically your community. The people you choose to have around you.

Did you ever stop and wonder are the people around you at this time in your life the right people to have around you?

Are they the best support for you and are you the best support for them?

As we transition through life we can change our communities quite dramatically and this can be positive and sometimes negative.

The really important thing to realise here is that we need them no matter what.

Communities will help to fulfil your seventh code in the concept of your Seven Behavioural Codes™ which is related to our desire to belong and to feel non-separateness.

We can often find that we outgrow our community and when this happens it’s time to make a decision on whether to stay in the community or to move on.

An example of this would be in business. If you have been in a business community and you want to really progress and grow your business but the business community you are in is full of people who are happy to stay at the level they are at. If this is the case you might want to make a new decision around finding a more progressive community.

On this video I also give you more in-depth ideas on this and an exercise to do. View the video above.

As our journey in life progresses we surround ourselves by the people who are geographically close to us. Examples of this are school, work, neighbourhoods etc. It is important to be aware that sometimes people on our journey can outgrow us or we them. It is also a good plan to seek out people who will support you in as many ways as possible and who are like-minded.

It is also great to be supported by surrounding yourself with people who encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and to strive forward so that you can achieve the good life you deserve.

A supportive community is invaluable when learning in life and moving forward with your spirituality or business.

Embrace your communities, be good to them and they will be good to you but first make sure you are in the right ones.


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