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Get up close and personal.

There is nothing like a live event to experience total immersion and connection, and this is one of the quickest and easiest ways to get the results you want. Like me, you may also prefer to see someone in the flesh to know that you resonate with them and can work well together. We hold a number of unique and engaging live events that cover a variety of subjects and range in duration from a few hours to a few days. Click the “Tell me more” link below for our current calendar.

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Open your Wealthy Mind.

No matter where you are in the world, you can learn how to be happy and achieve your dreams by opening your Wealthy Mind. On this live online program, I will teach you the formulas and strategies to manifest the career, money, relationships, confidence and peace of mind you deserve while disabling the fear or anxiety that may be stopping you.

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Learn how to transform lives and create an exciting new career.!

If you would like to make an impact on the world, help others relieve their pain and create a positive future for yourself, this year-long program is for you. Throughout the year, I will personally teach you how to do what I do with confidence. I will reveal all the unique secrets and techniques I have created over my last ten years of practice.

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Get out of your own way and spread your message to the world

Our Dare to Shine program is designed for people who have a message, product or service they want to share with the world but are finding it difficult to pull together their expert status, positioning, marketing and strategies to make that happen. Throughout this year-long program, you will work very closely with me on a personal level. I will take you by the hand and guide you, step-by-step, as you create a successful business and following, both online and offline. Program numbers are very limited to ensure you get maximum attention from me personally.

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Avail of my full attention and my Recombobulation Tools privately.

Unfortunately for the foreseeable future I am unable to facilitate any more one to one clients due to my responsibilities to existing clients who are on my programs. If you wish to work with me you will need to do so through one of these programs or events that are outlined above on this page.

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