Today I Reveal My Age

I want to talk today about age and the destructive thoughts we can have relating to our own age. Our limiting beliefs of things that we will be able to accomplish or not, lets say 5 years down the line.

I would love you to have a think about something that you would like to accomplish in 5 years time or even something you think that might not be possible in the years to come and put the wheels in motion for achieving that.

Take yourself out of the limiting age mindset.  As we progress through life we need to keep on living and enjoying it.  Not living in the fear that we are too old to keep learning or capable of achieving greatness at any age.

The challenge is yours. Embrace something new to achieve over the next 5 years.  By doing this you will support yourself to keep living the good life you deserve.

Watch the video for more details and yes, I do reveal my age!


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