This Was Really Bugging Me

Something that confused me for so long when I was starting my journey was the whole subject around competition.

There are so many positives about competition and then there are also so many negatives. This really left me confused and not able to decide for myself if it was a good or a bad thing.

The more I thought about it I was thinking it was based around my ego. For example if I win does it make others feel bad? Does it make others feel less than?

Then I started to focus on the positives.

For example, when you are part of a team there are so many aspects that positively support people like learning how to be a team player. Like supporting team members when they are not performing well. Like being committed to support the team cause. Learning how to compromise and learning leadership skills. All of this is good.

All this did was deepen my confusion.

The way I eventually made sense of this concept was to do some research and I found a wonderful statement by the Dali Lama.

Here is what I found.

“There is competition but it is used in a good way, it is positive to want to go first provided the intention is to pave the way for others, make their path more easy, help them or show the way. Competition is negative when we wish to defeat others, to bring them down in order to lift ourselves up.” The Dali Lama.

A lovely and simple learning.



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