The One Thing That Stops Abundance

This week’s video has been inspired by some of my clients who are on my Wealthy Minds program. They start off manifesting some great things early in the program and as it progresses they realise how they have been limiting themselves.

This concept has the ability to both stop positive manifestation or to limit it.

They describe it as their manifestation technique bringing them to a certain level of health, wealth, career etc and then it dries up.

Let me introduce you to the “Abundance Ceiling”, which is the one thing that can stop abundance.

What we believe in life will create what we manifest. If we are subconsciously conditioned to feeling comfortable with a certain amount of abundance in life that is where it will stop. This is often impacted by what we believe we deserve and we limit ourselves at that point. 

Awareness of this will start the ball rolling for you.

Look at how much you have attracted, created or manifested so far in your career, business, finances, health etc. If you feel you are way behind what you would like to have achieved or created take some time to see if you have an abundance ceiling block.

I explain in more detail on the video.

Once you acknowledge these limits and the areas that you wish to improve only you can push through and break through this ceiling.

In understanding and knowing it you can break through this “Abundance Ceiling” and really achieve more happiness, wealth, health and love in your life. I have done this several times personally and teach people how to do this on a regular basis with great results.

If you think this video will help anyone that you know please share it and the concept with others.

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