The One Thing That Saved My life

You might think that this one thing I am talking about today is too simple to earn the kudos of saving a life but I really believe in the power of it and it really helped my when I was in a very dark place.

Yes, it is simple yet profound.

This can be so beneficial whether you need “life saving” or not, it will work in both instances.

This one thing is the Power of Purpose. The power of having a reason to get up every morning and be on purpose.

Most of us would never know the power of this until we don’t have it. Not having a purpose brings us into a place of boredom, un-fulfilment, de-motivation and a sense of uselessness.   Even if you heard this before I am going to give you my slant on this.

To enjoy a fulfilled life we all are wired to seek achievement, big or small.  Purpose does not have to be one huge thing it can be a list of small things that fill a day.

If you are in a low place just make a little list for the day, perhaps three little goals that will create a sense of achievement. Doing this will fulfil several of your 7 codes, especially your ability to progress and grow.  If you have been following my work for any time now you will know that by fulfilling the 7 Behavioural Codes™ you will achieve happiness.

Once you have this mastered then you can really ramp up on the goals and purposes.

This simple technique will exponentially help people burst out of mediocrity.  A sense of purpose at any level will enhance your success and life.

If you are in the lucky place where life is going well and you would like to drive forward and ramp things up to the next level take some time to reassess and look at what purpose you are focusing on now.

Go on, get out that pen and paper and get moving and have a plan. Your life is for living.


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