Mindfulness, My Slant

The practice of mindfulness is truly a wonderful habit. It is allowing yourself the privilege of living and being present in the moment and in the video I explain why do I choose to do it.

To become aware of what is going on in the here and now is so empowering.  The past is gone and the future is yet to come.

Even though your past is over please don’t discount it when you are practicing mindfulness as your past has created the you that is here today. All of your learnings from the past are with you and have helped mould you.

On the video above I show you how to bring chocolate into your mindfulness practice.

Another thing not to discount is the future. We can think about the future, daydreaming as such in a positive light and create our goals and aspirations for ourselves. This is such an important practice too.  When daydreaming we can create a blueprint or goal setting for our best future self.

Before I practice mindfulness I like to bring my past and my future to my awareness and then I focus mindfully on the now.

Living in the present moment and focusing on the now, is where the magic happens. When we look at ourselves in terms of being present we live consciously and focus on all the things we like in the now and savour them. When we become conscious of the experience and the value of the moment, life begins to unfold in a less complicated and less worrisome way.

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