Meitheal and Why You Need a Tribe

“A movement is thrilling. It’s the work of many people, all connected, all seeking something better.”

Seth Godin, Tribes

As a little girl growing up in rural Ireland, I used to spend a lot of time with my gorgeous Dad who as many of you will know had a huge influence on my life.


Me at 3


As this little girl, I witnessed a rhythm to the year that was largely defined by our local farming community and the annual cycle of country activities.  

Many of you reading this will have similar memories! Neighbours in their family packs would travel from farm to farm, saving the hay, footing the turf, harvesting crops etc. 

We enjoyed copious flasks of weak tea, soda bread with thick layers of butter and a slice of fruit cake if you were lucky in gratitude for your help.

Everyone got involved, all ages came together and even if there were disagreements among people throughout the year they were put aside and we  worked with good will to support the collective. 


Life back then was probably simpler than it is today. 

There was a different pace of life,  a sense of solid community that has changed drastically. 

Today, we are much busier people, living so much of our lives online, plugged into noise and distraction. 

Our basic human need for community has remained the same but our modern lifestyles often make it impossible to find. 

In those days it was a given that in return for your help you would be able to rely on the community to offer the same support to you. No-one was left out. It was an open and honest arrangement, built on fairness, trust and stability. 

What I didn’t understand, and what I now know,  was that I was witnessing the Gaelic tradition of ‘Meitheal’, an ancient system of community and unity through cooperative work and mutually reciprocal support. 


What has changed

I have observed thousands of clients through my work and see first hand the loneliness, isolation, overwhelm and people expressing the lack of being able to find  a place of support. Their stories are filled with distress, overwhelm, fear, anxiety, guilt and shame.

Part of the reason for this is that our capacity to find the community we deeply crave and need has been drastically interrupted.

With the age of the internet, changes in how we work and communicate and the breakdown of organised religion, to name a few, all have deeply  impacted who we are, how we work and communicate and our sense of belonging or lack thereof.

On the flip side I have also seen what happens when people find community. What happens when they literally decide to Wake Up and Change Their Lives!

Our 100 day meditation cycle has been a powerful example of that, a powerful example of Meitheal, a coming together of people to support one another and help carry the load which if you are not already a part of you can join us here.

It might sound strange but I am a recovering ‘lone ranger’ and in the past would not have acknowledged the importance of Meitheal or community. It’s often not until the chips are down that we wake up to our real needs and seeking support and community is an act of courage and bravery.


So why is  finding our tribe a Must?

Here are three essential reasons


1 The Power of the Pack

From growing up in a village I could see the many characters and personalities that brought colour and richness in their ability to support. Everyone had a gift but no one ‘gift’ could support all. 

When you’re part of a tribe you are supported and nurtured by everyone’s gifts and resources, where one person’s strength can be another person’s weakness and vice versa.

Like the gathering together to harvest the crops you feel safe in the knowledge that people always have your back. You learn and grow by tapping into the wisdom of the collective.

Just like Meitheal, there is ancient knowledge at work here and it supports the idea that it ‘takes a village to rear a child’. Just look to nature and the concept of the pack (community). Those that deviate from it rarely survive.


2 Opportunity

A safe community gives us the opportunity to move forward, to connect with others in the pursuit of achieving our goals with people we feel safe and secure with. Increases our contentment, eases stress and feelings of loneliness.


3 Fulfilment

Being part of a safe community makes you feel fulfilled. It also offers a place to go, to unburden and take a rest. Just like the farmers I saw growing up, our community offers both a place to find support and a way to pay it back.  

When the people you’re surrounding yourself with are lifting your spirits, sharing truth and nurturing positivity, the ripple effect of inspiration  is incredible. 


Since we started our 100 days of connection and meditation in Positive Recombobbers I have seen all of this every day. The ideas and concepts shared, people expressing their opinions, answering others peoples questions and concerns, offering a virtual hand hold, a virtual hug and the most popular, the virtual ‘bed of feathers’. It is your community not mine so cherish it and use to for your good and the good of everyone you meet


“You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things!” Mother Teresa


So what next as we near the end of our 100 days?

Well in the next week, we welcome the Summer Solstice and I’ll witness the beginning of another trip for me around the sun as I celebrate my birthday!


But is that all? No!

The past (nearly!) 100 days of meditation has been very profound for me, we have journeyed together and it feels just like the beginning. I sense much more opening. I may need the ‘Bed of Feathers’ for a few days but after that I have lots more to share so ‘Stay In The Circle’ and let’s see where we can take it to.

A little Favour Please

As this is your community as much as mine I would really appreciate if you could leave a comment letting me know what subjects you got the most value from and what subjects you would like more information on so that I can continue to support you.


Wishing you sunshine and laughter


Moira. Xx


P.S. For anyone wondering what community I am talking about you can join us for free and still experience all it has to offer through the  links below


Click here  to join the group for the meditation


Click here for a copy of the 7 Day Positivity Project and feel free to share both with friends 


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