Is Optimism Helpful?

One of my favourite parts of my personality is the optimism and hope that I feel.

We all have the ability and the internal resource of optimism and hope. They might be buried deep but they are there.

Why do I feel it is so important to tap into our inner optimism?  Here is the why!

When we are optimistic and hopeful we have to be in a mode of finding an answer, a solution or way of improving whatever situation we are in.

When we don’t feel optimistic or hopeful we are in a default mode of looking into the problem and asking ourselves questions or making statements like: Why has this happened? Who can I blame? What can I blame? Why me? I never have any luck, life is hard. The list goes on.

Some of the things I am sharing today to help you with this are: better self-talk, better problem solving, open ended questions, looking for the answers and solutions, expectation for a good outcome.

So how do we tap into our own bank of optimism? Well considering that we all have it inside of us, therefore it is a choice. 

I choose to be optimistic as opposed to being in victim mode.  Victim mode stops our ability to feel hope and optimism and inhibits our ability to shine.

We all need a purpose and something to work towards.

I know in the past my optimism has annoyed people around me. The energy of it can be a bit overpowering. In times like that I have toned it down to suit others but it left me feeling inauthentic.

Don’t do what I did. Let your optimism shine as it helps others to step up a bit.

No matter how optimistic or not you feel there is more of that good stuff inside you. Ramp it up a notch.


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