I’m on My Soap Box

So I am on my soap box today and really want to be forceful in highlighting this destructive habit we all engage in from time to time.

This habit is driven by the negative aspect of ego and yes, we all have ego. I am not referring to ego in the way it is usually described as in arrogance and aggressiveness. I am referring to it as the social mask we all display when we are afraid we are not good enough.

There is one very destructive habit that this aspect of the ego takes part in. This habit will inhibit your happiness and stop you from moving forward.

This habit is comparison.  

Comparing and measuring ourselves against someone else.

Because we are all hardwired to feel significant as well as progress and grow and our need for self-love, the easiest way for the ego to measure if it is happening is to compare ourselves to others.  It does this by creating a feeling of need. Needing to feel significant, needing to progress, needing love. Remember when we need something that means we are afraid we are not going to have it.

Need equals fear  

I am not saying you won’t progress if you do it through needing or fear, it’s just that it will be painful. Fear-driven progress is exhaustion.

Remember if you are spending your life striving to be better than someone else, it is unattainable.

There is always someone who is going to be better looking, richer or happier.  In the video I show you that it is important to drop the need.  By doing this you take away the fear and just BE as good as someone else.

A much more productive way to progress, grow and be significant is to focus on you being better than you were yesterday and not on others.  Continuously improving yourself is a much easier way to success and happiness.


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