How To Create The Best Version Of You

My eldest son Joe passed his driving test last week (at last) and before he went for the exam I was talking to him about putting his best side out and to stepping into the winner aspect of his personality or the best version of himself.

Watching him drive off with his dad after delivering my lecture to him I was thinking to myself “do I embrace the best of me enough?”

That question prompted this video as I believe we don’t and if we don’t how can we be the best version of us?

There is a process I created that you can do to help you achieve this which I go through on this week’s episode.

This exercise will help you to be the best version of you. The first step is to create in your mind what you would like to be, do, see and create. Then you journal it.

There might be things about you that you may like to change. You might be perfectly happy with you but could do with just a small tweak.

The best version of you – what does she/he look like, sound like? What are her/his fears, hopes and dreams? Getting to be clear on this will focus you on what you want to achieve as opposed to what you don’t want.

By using this technique you are bringing into focus what you do wish to achieve and making it easier when you are the best version of you.

Another plus to teaching Joe to be in the winner aspect of his personality is that I am now going to be made redundant from all the lifts my other two boys need, as least until the novelty wears off. Happy days!

Miles of Smiles 🙂



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