Why The Meaning Matters

When we are going around in our own little worlds we can become oblivious to our, and other’s, perceptions of situations and the meaning we put on them.

This meaning that we put on every situation of our reality has a massive effect on all of our results. As you already know your results will determine your happiness in life and will help you to decide how to navigate your future.

As humans we all experience situations in different ways. As we are all individuals with a different past, we all interpret situations in our present in a different way.

We use all of our senses in every moment of every day to help us comprehend what we are experiencing on a subconscious level. We filter out the information that we do not need and absorb the information needed by the subconscious to keep us safe and make sense of our world.

On the video I explain how the subconscious will always look for references in circumstances to reinforce what it believes to be true and these beliefs are based on our past experiences.

As we all have different pasts and we all have developed different beliefs we will automatically see situations differently to others.

After you see or experience a situation you then subconsciously decide on the meaning you are going to put on your experience which creates your reality. This reality or meaning, in turn, is going to have a direct effect on your results.

To help you decide if the meaning you have put on your reality in your past is serving you best, you can scan back over your past and pick out a few positive results you have had.

Next look at the meaning you had put on your reality in those situations and notice how it has such a positive effect on your results.

You can also do that exercise for negative results that you have experienced. Watch the video to get a greater understanding.

Miles of Smiles

Moira. 🙂

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