Did I Say The Wrong Thing?

As a parent and from working with many parents I often get people go into panic when I explain that children soak up so much subconsciously about their environment between the ages on zero and seven.

What children hear and see will have a direct impact on how they create their representation of their world. This in turn will help them create their values and beliefs which will impact their results in life.

Wow that was a mouthful.

Ok so far so good. Then parents often start to feel guilty if they were negative to their children or told them that their behaviour was bad etc. Another thing parents feel so guilty about is if they argued in front of their children or have shouted at them. Well hers the thing. I am not saying for a moment that we should not do our best to avoid all of the instances above but what I am saying is that it is not necessarily our behaviour that will dictate the outcome.

What I mean here is that it is the subconscious meaning and the subsequent beliefs created by the child about what was said to them is what will dictated how they will be affected. I explain more on the video.

I am not saying that parents are off the hook. Of course we have a responsibility to do our best for our children and for all children and we can of course influence the outcome but ultimately we don’t make the subconscious decisions they do.

The most important component in all of this is, if the child or children know and feel that they are deeply loved that in itself can to help over ride the negative impact.

This of course is not only true for children but for anyone you may have shouted at or said things you later regretted but again remember it doesn’t mean you are not responsible for your behaviour.

M. 🙂

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