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Don’t let your mind stop you from creating your best dreams


Been there, done that kind-of-gal! 

Moira Geary, The Recombobulator, is an ordinary woman with a rare and proven ability to help people achieve extraordinary results. She is the ‘been there, done that girl’, working with people to overcome what she has overcome herself. She truly believes that it is paramount for her to personally experience adversity and surmount it before she can show others how to be happy and successful.

Moira is mum to three teenage sons and wife to Jeff. She has formal training and experience as a general nurse, midwife, aerobics teacher, natural juice therapist, masseuse and aromatherapist, amongst many modalities. A neuro-linguistic practitioner and trainer, Moira is expert in cognitive reimprinting and neurological repatterning and has worked with the world’s leading mind experts including Paul McKenna and Richard Bandler.

Moira is emphatic that it is never the qualifications on paper that qualify you to help others but your experience in getting the desired result for yourself first, owning the knowledge of how you got the result and then showing others how to transform.

Over the last ten years, Moira has developed an impressive track record in teaching thousands of people how to effectively manage stress and fear, Ireland and all over the world. Through this experience, Moira has developed three unique pillar technologies to accelerate progress: Quantum Release™, Quantum Alignment™ and 7 Behavioural Codes™. You can read more about these technologies below. To date, Moira has worked with individuals in one-to-one consultations, her private groups, corporate groups, schools, women’s groups, charities and the general public.

With a love for all aspects of positive health, Moira understands that to gain true, complete happiness you have to target health at all levels – Physical, Psychological, Emotional and Spiritual. A regular media contributor, Moira sincerely and passionately lives what she teaches.


Learn the Why before you can do the How

I created 7 Behavioural Codes™ to simplify the structure of why we do what we do. I recognise that when people understand the driving force behind conscious and subconscious behaviours, they are armed with the tools to create positive change for themselves. I believe that without this in-depth knowledge, positive change is difficult and short-lived.

Please Release Me, Let Me Go

Many years ago when I started on my personal development journey, I was being repeatedly told to ‘let things go’. I had no idea what I had to ‘let go’ of, nor did I know how to. In fact, I don’t think the people who were telling me knew either. The point is, it is imperative that we ‘let things go’ from our past before we can create new patterns for our positive future. I created the Quantum Release™ techniques to make this process understandable and easy.

Get a Grip and Pull Yourself Together

I created Quantum Alignment™ because, unlike other modalities, we don’t just stop at understanding the Why and How and sit in the bad feeling. We also dissemble the old negative patterns so we can reassemble – or Recombobulate – everything in the correct order, like a well-oiled machine. Highly effective, the Quantum Alignment™ techniques are gentle and profound.

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